Closet Purging

Closet Purging

It’s Spring cleaning time! This means decluttering, rearranging and getting rid of any unused and unwanted items.

I recently had my first child and during pregnancy I’m thankful that I didn’t have to purchase much maternity clothes. However the challenge I faced was post child birth. After delivering my son via C-section I discovered that I couldn’t wear anything that would rub against my incision. So I had to seek out elastic waist bottoms and dresses that would give my incision the space it needed to heal properly.

A change in the type of clothing wasn’t my only issue, it was also a change in size. I honestly thought that I would be a little more body conscious after pregnancy but I felt free. I lost the pregnancy weight immediately but I still wasn’t at the weight I desired to be. I didn’t allow this to stress me out though.. I knew especially since I had surgery, I couldn’t just jump into an exercise routine. I needed to give myself the appropriate time to heal.

Once I started to feel better, I knew I would be going back out into the public so I needed to see what clothing in my closet actually fit me or was comfortable enough to wear. I spent a few days pulling my clothes out of my closet and trying things on. In times past, closet purging was a discouraging thing for me. Trying on an outfit that you once loved only to find out that it no longer fits you anymore is definitely an eye opener and an indication that something is happening with your body.

I tried to humor myself and say things like “I outgrew my clothes” or “I’m a mature woman now.. of course clothes from age 18 won’t fit”. As women, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when it comes to body image because most times the pressure is put on from outside sources. I just had a baby and truthfully some of those clothes have been sitting in my closet for a while so I thought to myself ” I can’t expect these to fit me”.

After sorting through my clothes I understood the areas of my body that had changed, and most likely after exercise still would not change. Instead of discouraging me, this helped me to find the clothes that fit my current body type properly. I do have a fitness goal in mind and I also think its important to exercise after pregnancy- to regain strength in areas that have become weak during pregnancy and for the overall benefit of your health, so I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise or be mindful of your body after pregnancy . Every woman’s post pregnancy experience will be different so ladies, please keep this in mind to avoid judging other women who may not jump back into their fitness routine right after delivery.

Closet purging can be an overwhelming experience but it can be turned into a positive experience- What helped me was to think about all the fresh new pieces I can add to my wardrobe, and setting aside an outfit as my goal outfit 🙂 Below I will highlight some ideas of what you can do with all the clothing you no longer want and tips that will help make your closet purging experience a good one.

What to do with all of those clothes?

  1. Donate: Separate clothes that you would like to donate to a thrift store, social services organization or a local charity- Ask them about items they currently need
  2. Organize a fun event: You and other women could get together and bring unused and gently used clothing and have a closet/clothing exchange party
  3. Garage Sale: Have a garage sale, stick a price on it and see what items get purchased
  4. Consignment Shop: Sell new and gently used clothing to a consignment shop- Some shops will pay you up front after they review the condition of the items, while others you may have to wait until your items get sold to receive a payment
  5. Re-design: This option requires more creativity and perhaps a sewing machine- Add to, take away or completely pull apart clothes and re-design them by adding your own touch and creating a unique piece of clothing that no one else would have!

Tips to help your experience

  • Sort your closet in sections- As I mentioned before purging my closet took me a few days. Start by doing tops (blouses, blazers, T-shirts etc.) and on another day, move on to bottoms and so on.
  • Set the environment- put on some music to keep you moving and upbeat
  • Have an audience- Sometimes this isn’t the most helpful, but if you prefer to have someone help you sort and decide what items can go then by all means do so!
  • Take a break- If the experience becomes too overwhelming, take a break and start back up again another day

Regardless of what emotions closet purging bring, remember that you are beautiful & wonderfully made. Happy Spring cleaning!

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Psalm 139:14 Holy Bible- King James Version (KJV)

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