You Are Enough

On Sunday, May 12th I will be celebrating my very first mother’s day. Becoming a mother has been a life changing experience. After having my son in February I’ve had my share of experiences. From moments of pure joy to the moments of sheer frustration. I will be honest and say that I’ve experienced a few emotional roller coasters and sometimes didn’t think I would make it through some of them if it wasn’t for prayer, my hubby by my side and the encouragement from my loved ones.

As a new mom I’ve experienced much of the difficult times new mother’s likely face…the unsolicited advice, the judgement and the feelings of inadequacy.

Pregnancy and child rearing has its beautiful moments, but also has its tough moments. As a new mom, getting used to your post-pregnancy body can be a challenge, receiving unsolicited advice tainted with judgment is really annoying and discouraging and feeling like you don’t measure up as a mother can creep in.

As a new mom there are many things we can feel inadequate about however, to dispel these feelings, when I look at my son and see him thriving it affirms me that I’m doing something correct..that my hubby and I are taking care of him to the best of our ability.

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

Psalm 127:3 The Holy Bible- King James Version (KJV)

In my few months of being a mother I have gained some understanding of the sacrifice mothers make for their children. Even though my son is only 3 months old I realized that as a mom you really do put your kids first even when you’re in pain and sleep deprived. A few weeks ago I started to experience De Quervain’s tendonitis or simply “mother’s wrists”. My hands and wrists started to ache in pain at every movement and worsened when I would lift up my baby. I said to my husband, this really opened my eyes to see the sacrifices our parents and specifically our mother’s make for us. My hands and wrists were in pain because of the repetitive motion of lifting my child… to show him affection, to feed him and care for him.. all things as a mother I must do even in the midst of my pain because this is my baby and I love him.

I wrote this post to remind and encourage all mothers especially new mother’s that you are enough. Though there may be many reasons to feel like you are not enough, when your child reaches for you, calls out for you, looks for you, smiles with you and giggles with you, it should affirm you and cause you to believe that in everything that you experience in this stage/role in life you are still enough. This post isn’t to suck out the joys of motherhood either, but to share the realities of some experiences that may not be so happy and exciting.

God gifted you with the ability to nurture and love in a way that only a mother can. I pray that you are encouraged and know that by God’s grace you will be the mother you need to be for your children. May you grow in confidence in motherhood and remember that God entrusted you with this role and will continue to teach you.

Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.

Proverbs 31:25 The Holy Bible- King James Version (KJV)

Happy Mother’s Day!


Tiyana ❤

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