I can’t believe it! Two years ago I started a little blog called “Abundant Life”. This blog started out as something to chronicle my life’s experiences and my thoughts. Though my blog may not have thousands of followers, I’m grateful for the people who have stopped by my little corner on the internet to comment, like, subscribe- and even if they don’t do any of those things, I still see through the stats that people are reading from all over the world!

“Blogging for me is purposeful and intentional”

Blogging isn’t new for me. Years ago I started a blog called “The True Vine”- I think lol! It’s been so long and I since deleted it to start afresh. That’s what “Abundant Life” is for me- a fresh start. Starting this blog in 2019, I was a mature woman. More mature in my faith, my mindset, my outlook on life, and my experiences. I also became a mother. Motherhood really played a huge role in catapulting me into blogging and sharing my experiences with others. Blogging for me is purposeful and intentional. It never intends to come from a “know it all” perspective but one that is candid and honest enough to say “I have no clue what I’m doing!” or as my fellow Jamaicans say ” Mi jus a try a ting”.

Anywho, today I’m sharing about my family! Specifically about my son who just turned 2!! Where does time go? He is hilarious, sweet, strong-willed and an overall blessing in our lives ❀ He has already taught me so much and also showed me that I’m capable of more than I think.

Being his mom is one the best things that could ever happen to me. I am so loving this new found woman- The one who loves hard, The one who puts God, her marriage and family as the ultimate priorities, and the one who is learning to focus on who genuinely shows up & is present in my life.<- That last one is hard some days… but I am learning to lean on God & my family BIG TIME!!

We recently celebrated our son’s 2nd birthday… Pandemic style of course…. It’s really great that we have all this technology to keep us connected, but it certainly isn’t like the tangible thing… COVID be gone!

I also tried my hand at making his birthday cake this year. For his 1st birthday celebration we got him a store-bought custom cake- half vanilla, half chocolate. He was really into Dinosaurs at the time (it has since changed to cars lol) so of course it was dinosaur themed.

This year I went for something a little rustic- I’m not that skilled to be doing a car themed/shaped cake lol So I chose flavors that I know he loves! Here it is.. A blueberry + banana cake with whipped coconut cream icing.

If you follow my blog or you know me personally, you would know by now that my son has eczema. It has been a journey of stress + frustration but also victories & progress. My hubby and I have learned how to manage it but it’s still difficult to experience and see how it affects our son at times. That said, we also confirmed his cow’s milk allergy. So we are very mindful of foods and products that contain or may contain milk.

This cake is completely Dairy free! It’s sweetened with natural sweeteners rather than artificial ones… AND it was delicious! My son approved πŸ™‚

I do need to tweak the recipe a little for texture sake but overall the flavor was great! Once tweaked, I’ll definitely share the recipe with you all πŸ™‚

I’m a sucker for family traditions, so I think I’ll be making his birthday cake from now on lol

Thanks for taking the time to read a little slice out of my life, until next time.

Tiyana ❀

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